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Bored at work?

Need something to pass the time?

Want to show off your wit?

WELCOME TO word_assoc

Word association! The most creative way to put random thoughts and words together for entertainment...and sometimes educational...purposes!

How it works:

I, mizcrank will post a word every day (even the weekends, sometimes). Everyone else, well, just go at it. No limits to how many threads you can have for the word. In fact, the more the merrier! However, since this could get very convoluted very fast, I'm the only one who will have "posting" access. Everyone else will have "comment" access.

Periodically, there will be themes while playing word_assoc, just to keep things interesting. Themes may include "celebrities", "geography", etc.

If you have starter words or themes you want to sumbit, feel free to email them to me.

More info will be added as time goes on. So invite others and lets fight the boredom together:)